Past Shows

2017.07-20 & 22San Diego Comic Con 2017 - Booth #1415Comic Con Exclusive
2017.06-30LAX/DTW : Detroit Hustle II Group ShowInner State Gallery
2015.12-01Scope MiamiThinkspace Gallery
2015.09-03LAX/LHRThinkspace Gallery
2015.06-196x6Auguste Clown Gallery
2015.06-06LAX/DTWThinkspace Gallery
2015.06-061st Annual Small Works InvitationalBaker+Hesseidenz Inc.
2015.02-01The Withering Solo ShowThinkspace Gallery
2014.12-02Scope Miami Beach 2014Thinkspace Gallery
2014.10-31LAX/SFOThinkspace Gallery
2014.05-17LAX/TXL Group ShowThinkspace/Germany
2014.01-15LA Art ShowThinkspace Booth
2013.12-03Scope MiamiThinkspace Booth
2013.02-09Masking Our Descent Solo ShowThinkspace Gallery
2012.05-26Wild At Heart Group ShowThinkspace Gallery
2012.03-12Picks of The Harvest Group ShowThinkspace Gallery
2011.10-07I Want My Music Video Art ShowMeltdown Gallery
2011.10-01Beyond EdenThinkspace Gallery
2011.06-04Picks Of The Harvest: Culver City Art WalkThinkspace Gallery
2011.05-14Anniversary Group ShowC.A.V.E. Gallery
2011.03-31LAX/PDX (Thinkspace Curated Group Show)Together Gallery
2011.02-05A Time to Forget Solo ShowThinkspace Gallery
2010.11-055 Year Anniversary Group ShowThinkspace Gallery
2010.08-07Love Conquers All: Art For Equality Group ShowThinkspace Gallery
2010.06-11Untitled Group ShowLondon Miles
2010.06-05Picks of the Harvest: Art Walk Culver City Group ShowThinkspace Gallery
2010.06-04Repeat Offenders: 2 Year Anniversary Group ShowC.A.V.E. Gallery
2010.02-13Give Me Space to Think Group ShowSherman Gallery
2010.01-08A Cry For Help Group ShowThinkspace Gallery
2010.01-05Under the Influence: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Group ShowGallery 1988
2009.11-06The Hinterland In My Room Group ShowC.A.V.E. Gallery
2009.07.01Generation Pink Group
2009.06-09Battle Royal Group ShowGallery 1988 (SF)
2009.04-26DIY Pushers Group ShowMunky King Melrose
2009.02-13Anthony Clarkson's "The Silent Treatment" Solo ShowThinkspace Gallery
2009-04-02Idiot Box Group ShowGallery 1988 (LA)
2008.11-28Disney's Stitch Experiment 626
Art Tour Group Show
MINDstyle LIFEstyle creative space (Hong Kong)
2008.08-22Crazy 4 Cult: 2 Group ShowGallery 1988 (LA)
2008.04-01TOYS Group ShowGallery 1988 (LA)
2008.03-12Intersections Group ShowCypress College
2008.01-26Hello My Name Is Group ShowISM Quarterly
2008.01-08Under The Influence: Stan Lee Group ShowGallery 1988 (LA)
2008.01-04Fight For Flight Group ShowThinkspace Gallery
2007.11-09Unsung Group ShowThinkspace Gallery
2007.05-26The Untitled Love Project Group ShowOrange County Center for Contemporary Art
2007.04-13Picks of the Harvest: Batch Four Group ShowThinkspace Gallery
2007.02-09Scenographic Transmissions Group ShowThinkspace Gallery
2006.09-08Picks of the Harvest: Batch Three Group ShowThinkspace Gallery
2006.08-26Cannibal Flower Group ShowCannibal Flower @ Infusion Gallery
2006.07-15Bergamot Invasion 2 - Cannibal Flower
Novus Ordo Seclorum Group Show
Copro Nason Gallery
2006.07-14Hook Manor Group ShowThinkspace Gallery
2006.05-12East 2 West Group ShowThinkspace Gallery
2006.04-14Weightless Group ShowThinkspace Gallery
2006.03-10Triamese Group ShowThinkspace Gallery
2006.02-10What is Left to Ponder Group ShowThinkspace Gallery
2006.01-13Picks of the Harvest: Batch Two Group ShowThinkspace Gallery
2005.11-05Picks of the Harvest: Batch One Group ShowThinkspace Gallery